Wednesday, January 31, 2007

boy howdy its cold

woke up to 7* outside, a toasty 49* in the cabin and 39* degrees in the bedroom. But thats ok, because I am living in the living room right now, all close to the stove. Makes it easier to chunk a stick of hickory on ever so often during the night.
They are calling for snow!!! Yippeee! it will make critter tracking so much the better. Now if I didn't have orders to fill, I could spend the whole day tracking.
This evening, just in case it does snow, I brought in extra firewood so it can stay dry, and drug home a sassafrass limb and a poplar limb, sawed and split them for "fire briskers" it takes that in this weather, just your regular old perk along fire don't get it.


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