Thursday, July 26, 2007

treefrog thoughts

The thing is, frogs sit for long times in the late mornings, when the sun is warm, but not too hot, before the turtles start to bask, and before the hot afternoon sun brings out the dragonfly wars. At a time of day when most humans are finally setting down their coffee and getting busy in their offices and meetings and indoor activities.
It is a most pleasant time of day.
The thing is, I would like to sit there, too, on the edge of the pond, and think, apparently, nothing at all.

The other thing is, I have lots to say about climate change, there is so much evidence and environmental disruption right here in the hollow that it has made me swallow my words and post less often. My sister posted in her blog today a reference to change and pointed out just a little thing that she can focus on.
I just want to be a tree frog, they won't know what hit them.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

capturing and dissecting dragonflies

'member when that used to be a school assignment? capture things, pin them to styrofoam, be proud of your collection! Back then, they couldn't issue every child a digital camera, or a laptop, matter a fact, you had to sew your own insect net...
Anyway, I took the camera down to the new pond to see how many dragonflies it had attracted in its short lifetime. I got all excited at a variety of 6! already!
I had a grandiose and fleeting plan to "collect" the various varieties in photographs and identify them. So I went about attempting my first species identification, only to discover there are over 160 species in Tennessee! This is not a matter of glancing at a few pages of the golden field guide and saying, "that must be it, it's got them there blue wings!"
So. I will just enjoy them.
This one did not come from the pond (I am perverse that way) it's photo came from the little lake at Montgomery Bell state park in Dickson, TN.

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