Sunday, February 25, 2007

Garden plans and creeks up!!!

there's a hole in the bucket, dear Henry.
If you know the lyrics to that old song, you know that before you can fix one thing, you have to fix the next, and it carries into a ludicrous cycle of tasks....that is the way for me today in starting my flats of seeds. (it is time, last week of February coming up, after all)
The plastic on last years greenhouse blew away, and even though it was one of my better greenhouse constructions (if I do say so myself) it was plagued with mice eating every seed, and then repeating the process after I replanted and supposedly protected the flats with wire mesh. so I will be dismantling it soon to use the cattle panel that it is constructed from for a temporary chicken corral.
This year,I am scaling down considerable and the flats are going in my sunny, south facing bedroom window. If I hear little digging and munching in the night, I can get up and yell at them, at least.
But before I could do that, I had to move the plants in that window into another window and move the computer (oh my! computers should come with a disclosure-cords entangle themselves hopelessly on their own when left alone for a year or more) and then juggle extension cords, baskets of yarn, clean clothes piled up that have never been put away and then the knitting machine and now the entire place is in upheaval, hours have gone by, its time to eat again and I still haven't even planted the first seed!
Maybe it is time to take a walk, creeks up! rained all night.
I don't have tv, just public tv, and if I did, wouldn't have time for it anyway, but I am always a little surprised at what is on when I hear about it. Nelumbo posted a list and description of current garden shows on her blog, interesting, if I had tv, wonder what I would learn? Just reading the list has taught me something about my view of gardening. It is not a choice or hobby for me, it is genetic.


maryelizabethp March 1, 2007 at 11:06 AM  

Genetic! That's it! But it is older than our grandparents, old as dirt we respect the rytham of the season by planting, harvesting, putting by. I sent you some seeds priority mail. My dining room table is covered in dirt and yet to be planted flats. Ever the optomist, your sister, Mary

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