Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hillbilly conversation type #7 - "the truck"

"That yo truck" I asked Mikey as he steadily unloaded slab lumber from the saw mill onto my dwindling fire wood pile.
"Yep" he answered, slowing his toss a little.
"Shore is a nice un" I said, speeding up my tossing a some, giving him a little room, in case he wanted to carry the conversation further.
"Well, it orta be" he replied, " I was a hopin' to have it paid off afore winter, but had a hard time finding work this summer."
"Oh Yea?" I said, making another opening.
"My older brother, he got his paid off a lot quicker, but that was before all the mexicans"
He hurridly added to his statement, "it ain't that I got nothin against mexicans, you know, its just that you can't get no farm jobs, now, like in tobacco or humping hay, cause they only hire mexicans, cause they come in a team, you know. Kindly makes it hard, Daddy said he seen that and tried to get me on up at the trailer factory for the summer, but they up and closed down, moved out and took their factory to mexico.... funny, you know what I mean? our jobs going there and them coming here."
"Yep" I replied, moving around to start tossing off the other side of the truck.
"So mostly I am hauling wood as much as I can, waiting to graduate high school so's I can drive to Nashville or somewheres else far off like everybody else has to do to get work."
He paused slightly and glanced around. I've seen that look before many a time and knew he was taking in the entire farm in a quick glance. He went right back to work after having determined quickly that I didn't have nothin of count to trade on.
In a quieter voice he said, if you call me ahead a time,next time, I can bring you a big ol' truck bed load and a-hauling a big ol' trailer a-hind it and stack it all for you for 35.00, it could be drying then for next winter.
It was his way of sorta apologizing for the slabs he'd brought me being so green and wet.
"Well", I said, "my fault for not having enough put up."
"Well" he said, "you aint the only one caught short, its been a right hard winter, wished I had some real wood to bring you, but its been gone a month now and its been too froze up in the woods to get a chain saw through nothing. Now you,holler back at me end of the summer and I can bring you some real wood."
"Will do" I said, "take care of that truck, least till you get er paid off!"
He grinned at that and said, "Yes m'am, and much obliged for you calling on me for the wood"


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