Wednesday, February 21, 2007

now thats what I call the "regular" weather for late feb. in TN

oh My!!!! how can it go from wind chills in the "aughts" and then smell, sound and then feel like spring in less than 36 hours!?
I have been watching the ground in the woods for the first wildflowers. Back when the winter was still so unseasonably warm, I observed toothwort and dutchmens breeches, little leaves and tight buds peeking out at what seemed to me from experience to be much too early. But then when the frigid cold set in and stayed week after week, I swear they seemed to draw back under the leaves!
Yesterday afternoon, I was stunned to see that you give spring beauties a tiny window in the weather and they make a break for it!

These two photos were taken yesterday afternoon at the same time, less than 15 feet apart.

But then today, oh my! it was the first t-shirt day in tennessee, with the sun beating down and the birds singing to beat the band. It flat out stoned me!


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