Friday, March 23, 2007

wild winged wonders of the small kind

This year the vernal equinox was the most explosive transition between seasons I have ever experienced. Literally, the cherry was in tight bud one day, and full bloom the next. Swallowtails, honey bees, carpenter bees, beetles, ants and red wasps (my favorite kind of wasp) all appeared on the magic day as if responding to a curtain call.
I unceremoniously ripped the plastic off of the windows and threw open the sashes, letting the wind rustle papers and curtains and sweep seed packets off the table onto the floor of the cabin.
Today was the first day to liberate the feet and luxuriate in the feel of gravel massaging the winter tender feet. A day to notice the nuances and textures. A day to reroute the climbing rose and tear down old morning glory vines, a day to plant and dig and plant some more, and cheerfully (if naively) trust that it will rain.


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