Friday, April 6, 2007

Dogwood Winter, Day 1 report

To understand why temps in the 20's is a big deal, for this part of Tennessee for this time of year, you have to see how far along things are, and what is considered a "normal" frost (32)
Went out yesterday morning after the first cold night to find 1/4 inch of ice on the chicken water, but then realized that a stiff wind and warm ground had protected everything and all around the green was right perky and undamaged.
This cheered me up considerable so I took a long walk and found several interesting things to fill a blog over the next few days... But this morning, the birds are quieter and the tree leaves outside the windows look mighty droopy.
Almost 4 years ago I planted two hybrid American chestnuts (explanation of here, except mine where the "other" hybrid) Being short on space, I put two in the same hole, as they are not self pollinating. This year, they began to put on blossoms, and being impatient, wanted to preserve a few, so have put socks that have lost their elastic over some of the blooms...will see.


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