Friday, April 20, 2007

what's the duck and who's that prey??

I am beginning to form another theory of wetland habitat and its magnetic draw. It is one of the few habitats, in certain situations,that can hold its own against non-native invasive species. Go swamps!!
If you spend any time at all on "google earth", you may find yourself with a melancholy sadness of how small the earth actually is, and in only a few short years the human population has, without any conciousness, practiced multi species generic genocide and habitat destruction.
Or maybe you will be cheerfully amazed that there are even still pockets of green in the most unlikely places.
One such place that I have been hanging out lately (when I have to be in Nashville on music business) is Shelby Bottoms Greenway, which (although it is completely over-run with non-nativeplant species and invaded with paved bike trails and wealthy yuppies in jogging suits) has a couple of little wetlands that are holding their own in terms of diversity.
If you like to tour natural areas from your desktop, you can type in the latitude and longitude ( 36°11'40.85"N 86°42'2.36"W ) in Google Earth (I have figured out how to email the placemark, but how does one post a google earth placemark? is it an exe file?)
Anyway, I will probably be posting photos from this spot, as it is, in some ways, like a little miracle of resilience.
It has also started me photographing for my next youtube project for my own amusement, tentatively entitled "stalking turtles"
And can someone tell me what kind of duck this is? (editors note, never mind, I figured it out from the video I took it is a coot, not a duck...)
And though this is a crummy photo of a barred owl taking off with something in its talons, I "think" I can make out two dangling it a turtle? a duck? or some urban debris? someone could make a stoy to go along with it is open to imagination........


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