Saturday, August 25, 2007

positively maypops

Did the early morning hike up to tinker with the spring (can you call scraping mud away from the intake tinkering?) and saw lots to be cheerful and thankful for (I always could stretch out a blessing as good as a penny)
If we could get a smidgen of rain, the wild passionfruit (Tennessee state wildflower, aka maypops) could finish ripening and there is a bountiful crop of them.
This is noteworthy for a future drought crops list. Interestingly, I had doubts about them earlier, as their flowers were much paler (almost white, instead of the usual purple of years past) and right bedraggled looking, but they put on a good mess, never the less. Now, did that drive you nuts (putting all of those parenthetical phrases in there? its also the way I talk and the sign of a lazy mind......)


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