Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fire the Handicapped

There was an old Saturday Night Live skit with Roseanne Roseandanna ranting about the campaign to "fire the handicapped", which she misheard, in her handicapped way, but was instantly placated when it was explained that the campaign was "hire the handicapped"
It crossed my mind on the way back from fiddling with the spring yesterday morning (after a rain! yes, a rain!) Last year this time I would have taken my camera and several detours through various overgrown fields and woods to get back to the house, but this year, it has been my habit to head straight home.
Now, my personality is one that by nature does not entertain even a glimmer of avoidance when family has suffered cancer, slow death, amputation, death of an intimate, alzheimers, etc. Grannies have taught me, we make the best of what we have, we continue to love, support and respect, no matter the infirmity.
So why have I been avoiding my beloved woods? I guess I have been a sissy.
"I orta knowed by now"that the nature of life is impermanence. It's time to buck up and take it like a woman.
So chop me up and feed me to the vultures, but tomorrow begins my lemonade campaign on this blog.
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