Sunday, February 4, 2007

birds and tripods and camera gear.

so I was thinking their must be some sort of ball and socket head for a tripod..duh, shows I don't know much about photography or hang out in camera stores or have ever even poured over photography equipment catalouges as I am incredibly niave in this area. I think I have avoided these activities as if they were a potential pool of money sucking quicksand.
I just like to take pictures, and have tried to leave it at that, and that makes me less than an amateur, I guess, or I would already have lust in my heart for the array of gadgets available....and yes there are all kinds of ball heads for tripods, in every size and price range imaginable.
Instead of desire being fueled by the object itself, it is interesting to have legitimate need of something first, imagine what would work best to fill that need, and then find out that yes, they make exactly that thing, just as you had imagined it, only better.
so, it can go on my fantasy list. A ball head for a monopod, so that I can better stablize the camera when I am shooting birds.

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