Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Robins and an "A" for the six weeks?

In junior high, our science teacher* promised to give an "A" for the entire 6 weeks to the first student who brought in a photograph of the first Robin of that spring.
I wanted that A, I wanted it bad, but dang, I did not have a camera, and our family lived in the woods.
Robins are birds that don't generally hang out in the woods, they hang out in fields and lawns, where they can pick worms and grubs out of the grassy ground. Turns out, I got an A, anyway, without the photo, but I wanted to "win" something.
Today, a flock of Robins descended upon the lawn, I not only photographed them, but video-ed them, even though they are as common as, well, Robins..but I still was after that old free A.....so do I get the A?

*(Oh! I remeber his name now, even though that was way back in the 60's, in Saline, Michigan, it was Mr. O'Leary,and his firm, but enthusiastic teaching is probably partially responsible for my passion for science, thankyou, Mr O'Leary!)


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