Monday, March 19, 2007

chick(en) peas

spinach is up! (in the covered beds, only) and the lettuce that was up to eating size got severly frostbit as the remay cover blew off while I was at mom and dads and the temp got down low. Its all good, th0ugh, long as you have enough seeds, you just keep planting,
The portable pen has passed its first week of operation, with out falling apart, and the chickens are laying perkily, so it must be working for them, as I am not feeding commercial chicken feed to make them lay,
In the 25 years that I have raised chickens, I have tried every permutation of pen, coop and cage possible. I liked the hoop coops, but I believe I am going to like this design the best. (will write an article about coop design someday, pros and cons)
The sugar snap peas and snow peas and more spinach are planted now, too, just in time for more cold weather,
We had some rain,, need more. (am having troible typing, sliced my index finger with a razor blade-dumb trick, guess I will give up and not write ll the clever things I had planned too..ha!)


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