Monday, March 12, 2007

springtime sunset

Maple trees are blooming. We could use some rain.
Up on the ridge today, I saw a wood anenome blooming. That tells me that somewhere in this county, in some dark rich holler, in a deep place that the loggers haven't yet found, there is a bloodroot flower blooming. Bloodroot needs rich woodland soil, the kind that is alchemized from the leaves and moisture-trapping shade of poplars and oaks. The kind of soil that is destroyed and washed away by todays modern logging equipment.

My ridge is dry and rocky, made so by years of being pastured by poor folks. Its trees are small and open, beech and maple and hickory.
I don't have bloodroot, but I can imagine it's fleeting and delicate performance, and know that its time is now, one of the first to bloom along with the every present,"don't care where they grow" toothwort. Yep, I got toothwort.


cyndy March 13, 2007 at 9:31 PM  

I planted bloodroot in my garden several years ago, with the hopes that it would multiply and I could use it as a dye plant. It remains the same size and(sadly)has not spread at all...but I do enjoy it's the month of April in these parts...

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