Wednesday, May 30, 2007

3 things from 2 weeks past

since there is no time to blog now, here are three unposted things from early may....

The most beautiful, non-people thing I saw in Oklahoma was the scissor tail fly catcher. What a strange and wonderous bird, like a living, breathing kite fighting with the sunny wind over the lake.Early morning misty
Sunlight on the rice field.
Inverted furrows of curving irrigation mounds, two toned glowing and shadowed green. Looking like the serpentine mounds of an ancient culture, they are just modern agricultural features of the Arkansas river bottoms on the way to Memphis from Oklahoma.

A glance out the greyhound bus window looks level and directly across into the cab of an adjacent semi truck. It finds the driver blending himself a breakfast drink. The puree is just at the stage of adding the banana and he juggles the steering wheel with his knees and deftly, without a splash, operates the battery powered hand held mixer.
It generates amusement and hungrification for the 3-more-hour-away destination and the first chance to eat something more than banana chips and almonds from the bottom of the knitting bag.


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