Tuesday, June 19, 2007

we had rain! and intimate frogs

ok, so not even enough to wet the ground under stones, but any moisture is welcome when you are 17 inches behind normal.
My sister called last night and read to me the most wonderful poem about drought and frogs, and I hope she will record herself reading it, so that I can link to it and share it, she has a great recitation voice.
But the poem about the frog has forced me to post, even though there really isn't time for this blogging foolishness!

Frogs calling for rain has been going on up here in the holler, each time a cloud has broken the beat of the blazing sun. The frogs down in the creek and those that live in the frog bathtub by my workshop, tune up and sing at each overcasting cloud, then fade out at is moves on its way up into kentucky, passing us by in a depressing and dusty pattern.

Frogs are hard to photograph, but something I have learned from walking by the frog bathtub, to and fro to the the shop and glancing over at it, is that they often sit close together on the edge in the morning, in various intimate poses, as if they enjoy each others company (yea, I know, it is probably a temperature regulation thing) but I prefer to think that these two truly care.


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