Monday, November 5, 2007

when lilacs in the dooryard bloom?...wait just a minute!!

so there are lilacs blooming in the dooryard, and it is November.
I also saw peaches, pears and hickories in bloom on the way home from Gallatin the other day.
I don't know how to look at this. And then I have to wonder why I feel a need to look at it anyway other than watching it like you might train yourself to watch your thoughts during meditation.
I have seen this phenomena before when warm fall weather was prolonged, this time, it is in response to the rain we finally got.
Allthough it was a blessed 7 inches, it did not replenish the water table or resevoirs or refill creeks, but it made the trees and plants go crazy with a last minute frenzy of reproductive futility.
And the most surprising thing is that that we are having a pretty colorful autumn, after all.

The birds are also in a frenzy. Although I really couldn't afford it, I bought some sunflower seeds and put them out in the feeder, (not used since the snows last winter.) In less than 5 minutes there where hoards of fighting birds around them, as if it was a blizzard a coming.
It makes me sad that they are so hungry, but there really is nothing to eat, as nothing except the most unappetizing plants such as ironweed where able to make any fruits or seeds this year. I have seen chipmunks scaling to the top of goldenrod stalks and eating the flowers...that's hungry.
It is funny how we get "attached" to certain species..I have always had a fondness for phoebes. When I moved to the cabin, there where phoebes everywhere, because there where hundreds and hundreds of red wasps living in the attic, and that is one of their favorite meals.
When I had to re-roof the cabin, the red wasp population was decreased, the phoebe numbers dropped, but then the next year, the population of both was right back up.
This year, the wasps were mostly killed by the freeze. I saw a few at the pond, but no phoebes at all.
I miss them, another species on my list of things I miss.


Dave November 5, 2007 at 2:39 PM  

Trees blossoming
even as their leaves turn yellow:
it hurts to look.

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