Wednesday, November 7, 2007

F(T)ree Love

Am finally getting around, to wandering around, and really admiring, the17th Festival of the Trees. Behind as usual as I have been real busy dragging down firewood (is there irony in that?) By rope, since I don't have anything 4 wheel drive, or a tractor or a collar that fits my mule (thats pathetic, isn't it?)
This festival particularly made me joyful, the twists and turns and flow of limbs make my own breath and blood flow faster, smoother and calmer. Wow, I needed that.
The way One thing aways leads to another, it got me to thinking about a photo of a favorite spooky tree of mine and I went pawing (mousing) through the folders looking for the photo that I thought I had taken recently of that scraggy tree friend.
It was not where I thought I remembered it (my photo files are oddly (dis)organised, like my yarns and seeds and cooking utensils, the system makes sense to me most of the time, but not always) But while I was looking around, I noticed that I have multiple pictures of certain trees the way one does family members, because I love them, they are part of my world, I check on them as the season go by, maybe even talk about the weather with them.
Studying the photos, it is true, some of the photos are repeats because the tree is aethetically pleasing, or particularly photogenic, but most, it is just because I have affection for the character and prescence of that particular tree.
I doubt if I will be hanging them with human names as many older women do their collection of cats, but neither do I think of them in functional terms like the "line corner beech", the "climbing maple", the "pasture gate oak" like you name the mailman or the checkout girl. Maybe they will be the nameless beloved. Or maybe not bothering to name them is like not bothering to learn the names of my mailman or my favorite bloggers....a character flaw on my part.

Oh and I did find the scraggly tree, strangly, although I had dumped my camera several times, it was trapped on the sd card in my camera....haunted, maybe!


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