Monday, September 1, 2008

Air (bird)craft carrier

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So JB had to do a gig on an aircraft carrier, he was pretty quiet on the way to the airport, struggling with his own politics and the need to be in the right headspace to perform. His only comment was "creeps me out, ya know".
I kept my mouth shut (my new spiritual practice~snicker)
On the way home from dropping him off, I stewed and simmered with the latest political "anti-environmental, pro war, pro Jesus" shenanagins on the radio (how does that work, anyway? maybe they read Jesus different than I do?)
Anyway, I took advantage of driving through civilization to stop at an upscale grocery to pick up some stevia and misc. organic staples (something you can't buy for love nor money in our entire county)
On the car parked next to mine was a bumper sticker that read "peace monger" (rare indeed, in our locality, I want one)
Mostly what you see is "support our troops or get the hell out of our country" type bumper stickers.
I was so charmed by the fact that I had seen this rare sticker, on a car right next to mine, while in the throws of my current mental disturbance that I took it as a sign to postpone work and take my camera out when I got home
(yes, you may think perhaps I need to get out more)
No great results with the camera, and guilt got me back to work, but I did notice that the late summer season sunflowers are starting to really nod, which makes it so much easier for the birds to eat
at the seeds faster and more furious than earlier in the summer when the bent heads merely turned at 90 degrees while ripening.  Now they have little platforms upon which to take off and land and eat and fight and litter little shells


...litle birdcraft carriers of yellowing green.   
2008 08 28 021s


Anonymous September 3, 2008 at 8:59 AM  

But the seeds are now on the underside..harder for them to pick, right? I am definitely planting a fenceful of sunflowers next year.


Cady May September 3, 2008 at 7:17 PM  

Hi Marilyn,
the birds do a snatch and run thing, now that the seeds are on the underside. They grab and fly up to the leads to more aerial battles, because they are able to defend the territory more. When the seeds were on the sides, they latched on and ate, without so much fighting, it is actually noisier now down by the sunflowers.
Yes! next year,I want to add some different colored sunflowers.

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