Friday, June 22, 2007

mountain dew on a wild rose

I have this photo stretch across my desktop wallpaper right now. I took it a few weeks back, on the way up the holler to checking the spring box, but keep it because it has moisture in it.
Our little town declared a water rationing program this week and while hunkering down in front of the paper box outside Lafayette family foods to read the article through the glass, a puzzle was answered for me.
I allus wondered where their city water comes from, it comes from springs, just like my water. The water commisioner said they is just down to a trickle, so folks should stop washing cars and you can't fill up your swimming pool and here it is just now not even July, but don't go getting alarmed or anything. It is the driest year on record for our county. They do get a little water from up over the state line in Kentucky from the Barren river, but that is only 1/3 or the need.
My plan was to buy city water and wash out of a bucket when my spring finally dies, but now I can see that I need another plan.


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